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God and baseball

Over at Defeating the Dragons, Samantha wrote a post in which she settles on God as a football coach to explain her faith.
With God as football coach, she writes, humanity is the team which carries out His divine directions but He is not an active participant in the game of life.
This works pretty well insofar as God doesn’t intervene to solve all our problems because humans, Christians in particular, are supposed to be representing God and following his ‘playbook.’

Here’s why it doesn’t work for me, although I want to be clear that this isn’t meant to recruit her or anyone else over to ‘my side.’ This is merely semi-coherent thoughts from my perspective. Continue reading


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Female Teachers Who Seduce Students

I keep track of The Thinking Housewife as a reminder that racism, sexism and religious intolerance still exist – pretty much the exact opposite of Libby Anne and Samantha.

One of the posts there was titled Female Teachers Who Seduce Students, wherein a reader asked

what explains the recent phenomenon of female schoolteachers who engage in sexual intercourse with their teenaged students?  This phenomenon started, as best I can remember, with Mary Kay Letourneau in the late 1990’s.  But in the past four or five years the trend appears to have really picked up steam, and each day seems to bring a new scandal involving a female teacher and a male student.  Why do these women do It? What are they thinking?  What is motivating them?

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Assorted tidbits about marriage

What do you know, Matt Walsh is wrong about marriage. I think listing subjects about which he is right might make for a less cumbersome list.

Anyway, so Libby Anne responded to Walsh’s post exhorting people to get married young. As is usual, my attempted comment started running into multiple volumes and so I decided to throw things here. The following is a collection of historical bits from various books I have read over the years and the sum paints a picture of marriage that doesn’t…quite…jive…with Walsh’s assumptions. I’ll add more as the spirit so moves me and I find new tidbits. Continue reading

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The nightmare of childhood

The perfect is the enemy of the very good. And while I doubt this post could be construed as ‘very good’, I’m finally realizing I’ll never get the ‘perfect post’ with the information that I found during my research following Adrian Peterson’s child abuse indictment.

Beware: this is really long.

I’ll begin by addressing Matt Walsh’s post on the whole affair because it is a pretty good example of the arguments made by spanking advocates.  Continue reading

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